Our Seasonal Veg Bags feature a selection of locally grown seasonal vegetables - delivered throughout the Thanet area every week & to your door for just £10.


Our Veg Bags are made up of a selection of 8 vegetables rotated on a weekly basis to give you variety & an opportunity to try out all the fantastic produce grown on our doorstep.

We always include staples in our selections for you to cook with such as potatoes & onions, and a bunch of cooking herbs to compliment.

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Complete your weekly shop with our other fine foods available in store, and add to your delivery with locally made artisan bread, Organic Eggs, Milk, Cream, Cheeses, Fruit, Juice, additional veg, provisions and canned goods.As well as any item we sell in store, we can add it onto your delivery as a one off, or as a weekly add on, just let us know.

As part of our partnership with Chandler & Dunn farms, we now offer a selection of meat available for delivery, which include weekly staples such as bacon, sausages, chicken, beef & pork. Also available as an add on, is our Weekly Meat Selection, which includes 4 staples rotated on a weekly basis.

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If you are interested in this service & would like to find out more, please email us on:

iwantveg@kgwinters.co.uk for more information.



Got a special weekend planned? Or visiting the area and want to make sure you’ve got the very best quality produce waiting for you.


Want to have a regular delivery of fresh fruit and provisions to your office?